The Rich History of Mission Viejo

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mission viejoThe area at which point Mission Viejo CA is situated was a section of the 52,000-acre of the area Rancho Mission Viejo. The title for the area on which the city, Mission Viejo CA is located goes back to July 27, 1769. It is the year when Gaspar de Portola drove an expeditionary power from Mexico through Southern California. He rested for some time in southeast Orange County, particularly the slopes and valleys which frame today’s Mission Viejo CA city. Devoting the area for Spain, Portola set a robust phase for what might happen seven years after the mission, when the area saw the primary effort to come up with Mission San Juan Capistrano. In spite of the fact that absence of water constrained the friars to migrate and the concerns of this old operation remain a secret, the title Mission Viejo CA stomachs an affirmation to this present structure’s stopover in San Juan Canyon over and above 200 years ago.

After Mexico gained its autonomy from the Spanish people in 1821, another flag flew in California. The missions, earlier set up to promote the spread of the Christian confidence, got to be secularized, and their unfathomable landholdings were allowed as farms to wealthy natives. The only man who happened to remain in the convenient spot at the perfect time was a merchant named John Forster. John or Juan from England. He was lucky to marry the Mexican representative’s sister and procured three ranchos commonly referred to as Mission Viejo, Los Potreros, and El Trabuco. Be that as it may, destiny did not favor Don Juan Forster. The fencing of 205,000 acres of land depleted his capital, continued dry spells devastated his cattle, and worthless endeavors to attract the pioneers went away with his final credit. At the point when Forster died, his home was in shambles, and his children were compelled to offer.

In 1907, Richard O’Neill, who was a cattleman from Ireland gained a unified enthusiasm for Rancho El Trabuco and Rancho Mission Viejo, as a component of the extensive 200,000 acres of land Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores. The land extended from current El Toro Road to Oceanside as well as backcountry. In the 1940s, the central part of the great farm was sold to the United States Bureau of Defense which was to create the foundation of the Camp Pendleton. Therefore, the O’Neill family was left with 52,000 acres of land referred to as Rancho Mission Viejo, in Orange County.

In 1963, O`Neill family conducted a comprehensive study which demonstrated the fact that urbanization was diffusing into Los Angeles zone from the South. O’Neill’s grandchildren, Alice O’Neill Avery, and Richard O’Neill, being directed by Alice’s child, Anthony R. Moiso, unequivocally addressed the issues of the rapidly increasing population by coming up with Mission Viejo Company. Furthermore, they took another stride in the improvement of the initial 10,000 acres of land in their territory.

In 1965, the ground-breaking blueprint for Mission Viejo CA was confirmed by Orange County Board of Supervisors. After one year, Forster’s vision of drawing more settlers became a success as many families agreed to pay $21,000 to acquire homes in his previous cattle range. In April 1966, these revolutionary inhabitants migrated to the new environs close to the crossing point of Chrisanta Drive and La Paz Road.

Local Organizations of Ladera Ranch, CA

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When visiting Orange County, visitors and volunteer feel happy when they donate or participate in volunteering programs in any of their favorite charities. In Ladera Ranch, California, there are a total of 85 registered non-governmental, charities and local community organizations that offer services to the community. These organizations have different missions with different specialties. In broad terms, these organizations are grouped into the following seven categories:

  1. Cancer Treatment Charities
  2. Volunteer Programs
  3. Breast Cancer Charity
  4. Children Charities
  5. Volunteer Opportunities
  6. Grants for women and
  7. Charity for Kids

Top Rated Non-Profit Charities and Local Organizations in Ladera Ranch CA?

Visitors to Ladera Ranch, CA are likely to hear testimonies or see practical activities of the following top rated non-governmental and local organizations and charities. Ladera Ranch gets support from larg community organizations that serve the Orange County and the State of California. Listed here are organizations specific to Ladera Ranch, but these organizations can also be found elsewhere.

Laura’s House

Laura’s House is most active in Ladera Ranch. It deals with domestic violence through providing emergency shelter for domestic abuse victims and professional support services. Lauras House also educates the larger Orange County community about domestic violence and offers legal advocacy when needed.

The Brain Health Alliance, Inc

This is a Non-profit Organization, which runs a public health and education program related to mental and general health. The organizations offer its services to all populations in the County.

California Fire Prevention Organization

This local community organization with branches across California State is a charitable organization with the scope of education the community about fire safety, public safety, and disaster preparedness. The organization is also the contact for relief assistance in the case of fire disaster in Ladera Ranch.

Empathy Foundation, Inc.

The scope of Empathy Foundation is assisting the community to improve their livelihood regarding development. This charitable organization is associated with improving the neighborhood development.

Ladera Hope

Ladera Hope is one of the many social and business welfare organizations associated with promoting the members social welfare within the community. Ladera Hope and other charities in this category also promote business for their members.

Ladera Ranch Civic Council (LRCC)

The LRCC is an important arm of volunteering experienced supervisors in Orange County. The LRCC is more of a professional community organization composed of seven-member council board that focuses on the use of Ladera Ranch in terms of structure. This council approves Ladera Ranch physical planning, land use, and developments of public and private infrastructure. The council also monitors public infrastructure safety.

Emba Alumni Project

This is a charitable organization serving Ladera Ranch area and specializes in searching for scholarships and student financial aid services. The organization is also keen on rewarding excellent learners through searching for sponsors and award donors.

Ladera Ranch is known for its polite, happy and welcoming people and that is why charities and donors prefer to use any of the local community organization to deliver their support. That’s why Dermatologist OC is happy to serve the community of Ladera Ranch.

Learn About Ladera Ranch

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Article brought to you by Dermatologist Orange County, a supporter of the community of Ladera Ranch.

ladera ranch signLadera Ranch is a planned community as well as a census-designated place located in the south of Orange County, California. It is situated just outside the city limits of Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, and San Juan Capistrano. While the Ranch covers approximately 4,000 acres, its construction as a community-based area began in 1999 on portions of the Avery, O’Neill, and Moiso families that previously owned the Rancho Mission Viejo cattle ranch. Typically, the above is the largest remaining working ranch in the Orange County.

Geographic Position of Ladera Ranch

Ladera Ranch is geographically located in the foothills of the famous Orange County Saddleback
Ladera Ranch Design & Development.

Inherently, the development of the above ranch is divided into nine small villages. Besides that, each village is further divided into a smaller unit called a neighborhood. Indeed, there are over ten neighborhoods per village. The Ladera Ranch communities include the following:

• Avendale Village
• Bridgepark
• Covenant Hills Village (Gated)
• Echo Ridge Village
• Flintridge Village
• Terramor Village
• Township Village
• Oak Knoll Village
• Wycliffe Village

Five of the above villages have clubhouses designed on particular architectural styles that emphasize the theme of that village. Also, within each village, there are several pools, parks, open areas, and playgrounds. The Covenant Hills Village is the only gated community, which means access to the public is restricted. However, only card-carrying residents of Ladera Ranch have the access to the community. Nevertheless, apart from the Covenant Hill, there is no other gated village.

Apart from several clubhouses, the ranch has a private skate & water park, a dog park, 18 community parks, several pocket parks & green belts, more than six neighborhood pools, a shopping district (commonly referred to as Mercantile East Shopping Center), and miles of hiking trails that connects to the Doheny Beach.

Demographics of Ladera Ranch

According to the latest United States Census, Ladera Ranch had a total population of 22,980. As stated in the overview section, the total acreage under the ranch was about 4,000, which means the population density is about 4, 685.2 people per square mile.

The racial makeup of the above ranch includes Whites, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and people of other races.

The same census pointed out that 100 percent of the population of the above ranch is living in households. In other words, none of them is living in non-institutionalized group quarters, as is the case with many ranches in CA.

Ladera Ranch Local Government and Law Enforcement

As a part of unincorporated Orange County, the Orange County Board of Supervisors governs the above ranch. Besides that, the California Highway Patrol and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department provide law enforcement in Ladera Ranch.

Ladera Ranch Community Organizations

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council, abbreviated as LRCC, is one of the volunteer group organizations that offer invaluable advises the Orange Board of Supervisors. Nevertheless, the council has no legal authority or official municipal role. However, the seven-member board of LRCC focuses on community topics within the ranch such as planning and land use, infrastructure, and public safety.

Famous People From Huntington Beach

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The Huntington Beach, California, boasts of its fair share of celebrities who live and work here. Besides being a favorite playground for celebrity parties, it is also a hub for many other fun activities. Whereas moving around the street is not necessarily a guarantee for a celebrity sighting, some places such as the beaches, or the luxurious hotels may give you better chances.

So, who are the Famous People Born In or Residents of Huntington Beach CA?

No doubt, residents of Huntington Beach and its surrounding have at one time or another bumped into a celebrity. If your experience is any different, then this is a quick look at actors, actresses, mayors, sports people, and other famous personalities who hail or reside in California:

Film actors and actresses

One of the events that attract celebrities is the SoCal Film Festival that takes place every September. In addition to screenings, the event features celebrity panels, celebrity guests, and workshops. If you visit during this time, you might just find yourself taking a walk on the red carpet. The Huntington Beach features over 50 celebrity actors and actresses. Famous actresses that have graced the big screens from this area include Ali Hills, Lauren German, the redheaded Jayden Cole, Miracle Laurie, Amy Grabow, and the busty and sexy Eva Angelina among many others. Bridgette Monet, one of two brunette actresses who featured in some of the explicit but widely popular adult videos of the 1980s was also born here.

The famous actor Ethan Embry, who has appeared in over 100 TV shows and commercials was also born here. Michael Patrick Carter, Shea Buckner, Tito Ortiz, and Curt Cornelius are among the few of many celebrity actors who have taken residence in Huntington Beach.

Producers and Writers

Jesse Warren, a producer of The Bannen Way movie, was also born in Huntington Beach. The producer and editor of the 2008 Thriller movie Breathing Room also takes residence here. Jackie Sollitto, a senior casting member for the Arrow TV series, was also born here. The list is endless and includes celebrity writers and producers such as Synyster Gates, Antone Anania, Brad Cordeiro and many others.

Huntington Beach Musicians

Huntington Beach also features musicians, guitarists, drummers, and singers. Matt Shadows, the lead vocalist of the metal band Avenged Sevenfold was also born here. Austin D’Amond, a drummer and a member of Music group Bleed the Sky, was born in Huntington Beach California. Other famous musicians who hail or live in here include Johnny Christ, Beau Bokan, and Buckethead among others.

Athletes from HB

The beach has come to be known as ‘Surf City USA’ because it is famous for surfing. Additionally, Volleyball has taken root at the beach as a recreational game played by beach-goers. By itself, the beach embodies sport and has produced famous sportspeople such as James Irvin who is a martial arts fighter. Sacha Kljestan is another sportsperson who hails from Huntington Beach. Aged 30, the soccer player is at the peak of his career and plays for the New York Red Bulls. Furthermore, Ian Kennedy, who plays for the Kansas City Royals, and Kevin Howells an MMA fighter, also claim Huntington Beach California as their homes.

Social media personalities

Vine stars such as Brent Rivera, Sarah Baska, and Brice Rivera live here. Bryana Holly, the famed Instagram star also hails from Huntington Beach.

This list of Famous People Born and residing in Huntington Beach CA is just but a few of the many personalities who have made history. However, the place features much more offerings in terms of celebrities and other famous personalities. Dermatologist Orange County serves all famous and non-famous people in Huntington Beach. Visit us for a consultation today.

About Huntington Beach, California

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huntington beach ca

Huntington Sunset: Wikipedia

When we consider a vacation or an outing during the strong heat of summer, then the first thing that comes in our mind is beaches. It is the best way to cool ourselves during the summer. Millions of people visit beaches in order to enjoy their holidays with their loved ones. Now it is no secret that USA has beautiful beaches in abundance, whether it is the Miami Beach or Malibu Beach, each one of them are unique in their own beauty.

One such beach is located in the state of California by the name of Huntington Beach. The beach is bustling with life, for around 11 million people visit it every year. The beach is a stretch of around 15.3 km and is located at Orange County in Southern California.

The seaside city is popularly known for its beach culture and is a known place for surfing. It is one of the most visited beaches in California for it mid-weather climate which is perfect for a holiday. You will enjoy not only the beach but also the city as a whole.

Naturally, the beach is a famous place for tourism with its natural beauty. With increasing tourism, it has also gained commercial success and one can notice the increasing number of houses, hotels and restaurants around the border of the beach. Shopping and sightseeing is also a popular activity in Huntington.

With its natural reserve, the Huntington Beach provides a magnificent view of the ocean to all the visitors making it a perfect heaven of serenity. That is probably the reason why so many hotels are located around the inland of Pacific coast highway in order to provide the best view.

The locals residing around the beach do not miss any opportunity to surf in the best climates. Although, it can be said that weather in the beach is usually sunny and dry but it changes considerably in the evening, leaving the air damp and humid. Nonetheless, the climate around the beach allows the people to surf throughout the year and that is the reason why Huntington is nicknamed as “The Surf City”.

In the US, it is prohibited to construct beaches, however the Huntington Beach is known for all its natural glory. The locals believe in preserving the all natural beach culture of the city and henceforth have become a home to the International Surfing Museum. It is a non profit institute whose main goal is to preserve the surfing culture around the globe. The main attractions of the museum are the display of historic surf boards and surf music, also it hold many artefacts of surfing. The museum is also known to screen movies related to surfing and beach culture on the beach. In fact, the city also organizes surfing and sports competitions for the locals.

Amidst all these things, one can simply enjoy life in Huntington Beach. It makes us appreciate the nature in all its glory. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the amazing breeze, the sunset and the long stretch of sea water in the summer? It’s the best place to forget all your worries and just de-stress. Now that would make life so much better!

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Popular Landmarks of Newport Beach CA

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With the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, Newport Beach holds an abundant of activities and adventures that create lasting memories on its visitors. When you come to Newport Beach, some of the best attractions are usually found in the water. However, there are also lots of spectacular things that you can see ranging from stunning beaches to nature reserves. If you are travelling to this exciting place with your lover or family, here are some of the popular landmarks of Newport Beach CA that you should visit.

The Balboa Peninsula

This was named after a Spanish explorer known as Vasco Nunez de Balboa and is a residential area that consists of many tourist attractions and events. Bordered one side by Pacific ocean’s sandy beaches and the other by a harbor, this well known landmark stretches about three miles.

The Newport Pier

This is a 1, 0302 feet long municipal pier that was completed in the year 1888. It is located on the McFadden place, centre of the well known Balboa Peninsula. It was originally known as the McFadden Wharf, named after James and Robert McFadden who were the local landowners. However, it was sold and in the year 1939 it got ruined by a huge hurricane. The current one was built in 1940 and is now popular for fishing, walking and dining.

Balboa Village

This village is a perfect historic amusement area located on the area of Balboa peninsula in Newport Beach. It consists of two boardwalks; a bay side boardwalk known as Bay front and another known as the Ocean Boardwalk and another one beside the peninsula. They are well known for ocean activities, amusement park rides, yachts, and art galleries.

Balboa Fun Zone

For visitors looking for a perfect family destination then this Fun Zone is the ideal popular landmark of Newport Beach CA for you. It is located on the East Bay Avenue which is found on the Balboa peninsula. With the restaurants, and boardwalks, it incorporates Balboa village. It has several amusement rides such as the Fish Pipe, Ferris Wheel, and Burt the Bull Shark.

The Beach

Lying on the Newport Beach pier, Newport Beach stretches from the Balboa pier Beach which is on the south. It comprises of fine and soft sand which attracts very many sunbathers. This municipal beach also has a paved trail called the Newport Balboa Bike Trail. With the many water activities available, it is a perfect romantic getaway for couples.

Balboa Island

This is a man-made island that started as a simple mudflat surrounded by swamps. It is positioned amid the mainland of Newport Beach and the Balboa peninsula. It is then linked to the mainland by a bridge on the northeast.

The Wedge

The Wedge is well known for body boarding, body surfing, surfing, and skim boarding. This is because of its shore-breaking waves which are created by the improvements made to the Rock Jetty in the 1930s. The waves can reach as high as about 30 feet when the ocean is approaching from the South or Southwest.

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History of Newport Beach

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Newport Beach, as the name suggests, is a seaside city located in Orange County in the State of California. Like most of the cities found in the county, a high percentage of the population is mostly made up of high income earners. Newport’s Upper Bay is a canyon that was created by a stream during the Pleistocene era. The lower bay on the other hand came into existence much later due to the accumulation of sand as a result of ocean currents. Several years before settlers discovered the California coast, Newport area was occupied by Indians, and up to date there are Indian relics spread throughout the city. Newport city’s name was settled on by James Irvine, his brother Robert and a friend called James McFadden who decided to simply call the newly discovered port “Newport”.

Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor photo by D. Ramy Longan

The semi-artificial harbor was constructed by the dredging of Newport Bay Estuary in the early years of the 1900s. Many man-made islands were also created and currently they are covered with residential homes. Some of the islands include Balboa Island, Newport Island, Bay Island, Collins Island, Lido Isle and Harbor Island. The harbor once hosted several maritime industries such as boat building and commercial fishing but is now mainly a recreation spot. Private docks and homes currently line the shores. Newport Harbor is a popular destination for nearly all boating activities.

Points of Interest in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is an excellent tourism destination. It is basically a tourist’s paradise because of the numerous points of interest, fun activities and beautiful climate. Like many coastal cities, it has a Mediterranean climate which is ideal for vacationing. The Newport Harbor is the ultimate spot for boating activities such as boat racing, kayaking, fishing and sailing. There are other ideal places like the Balboa Fun Zone which is great for family vacations and outings. It has carnival games, bumper cars and a mini-amusement park that provides lots of entertainment for kids. Crystal Cove State Park with about three miles of Pacific coastline is also found in the city. The sandy beaches often act as wedding venues for the adventurous couples. Fashion Island in Newport Beach is an upscale shopping center fit for the avid shopper. The Wedge is a great surfing spot while the Orange County Museum of Art has several collections of objects that represent the history of California. The Lovell Beach House is also very much an integral part of Newport Beach history. The building which was constructed in 1926 is found on the Balboa Peninsula. It exhibits modern architecture and has been acknowledged as one of the most important works of the famous architect Rudolph Schindler.

Most of the restaurants found in Newport Beach have elaborate seafood dishes as is common with most beach cities. The nightlife is also very robust, with many college students filling up pubs and entertainment spots during weekends. The city has many luxurious resorts that provide excellent facilities for patrons. In case you did not know, the popular television series, The O.C, was hinged on the fictional lives of Newport Beach residents.

Dermatologist OC proudly serves all residents and the community of Newport Beach.

Cultural Diversity of Irvine

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cultural diversity of irvine ca

The City of Irvine is one of the 100 largest cities in the US. It is also one of the most culturally diverse cities in America. It has a population of over 242,000 people and, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, its ethnic profiles is as follows: the Caucasian make 45.1 percent of the population; the Asian are 39 percent; the Latino or Hispanic comprise 9.2 percent of the population; the African American make up 1.6 percent of the city; and other ethnicities comprise 5.1 percent.

Another demonstration of the rich cultural diversity in the City of Irvine is in the ethnic composition of students in the Irvine Unified School District. White students comprise 38 percent of the population, followed by the Chinese students who make up 12.1 percent of the students in the Irvine Unified School District. The Korea are third with 11.6 percent of the population, followed by the Hispanic who comprise 8.2 percent of the population, then in the fifth place are the Asian Indian who form 5.5 percent of the student population. The Vietnamese and the Japanese follow in the 6th and 7th place with 4.8 percent and 4.2 percent respectively. Other Asians make up 3.1 percent of the student population while Filipinos and Blacks comprise 2.8 and 2.3 percent of the student population respectively. Other ethnicities in the Irvine Unified School District comprise the remaining 7.2 percent.

According to the latest census reports, a non-English language is spoken in almost 58% of all the Irvine homes, and 70 different languages are used in different residences across the city of Irvine.

But to what does the city of Irvine owe its cultural diversity?

There are some local factors that are responsible for the rich cultural diversity of the city of Irvine. For example, in the city of Irvine one can find big and diverse universities and colleges. There are friendly policies that make housing affordable. Moreover, there are new technologies that have drawn workers and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

It is noteworthy that the City of Irvine also has remarkably high numbers of Iranian-American residents who are approximately 25,000 in number. Thus, this city is a hub of cultural activity with two Persian markets as well as one of the most popular Persian New Year celebrations in the country. For over two decades, Iranian-Americans gather at the Mason Park in Irvine in celebration of the Norooz holiday. The numbers have grown of late- with recent crowds being around 30,000 attendees.

There are a number of multicultural organizations, and these multicultural organizations support the City of Irvine to respond to the diverse needs of the many ethnicities living in Irvine. For example, there is the Islamic Center of Irvine, the Irvine Multicultural Association, Merage Jewish Community Center, the Irvine Korean Parents Association, among many others.

Moreover, the City of Irvine has close to hundred churches and other places of worship, thus, revealing the wide cross-section of the city’s cultural and religious diversity.

The city always strives to increase cultural awareness in Irvine by supporting international programs that increase the goodwill and understanding between people of other nations and Irvine residents. Dermatologist Orange County is proud to be a part of this multicultural community.

Learn About The City of Irvine, CA

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irvine spectrum

Irvine Spectrum. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Irvine is an affluent city located in the Orange County, California, US. It is a planned city, which was primarily developed by the Irvine Company back in the 1960s. This city was formally incorporated on December 28, 1971.

The city measures approximately 170km square, which is equivalent to 66-square mile. The city highlighted a population of 212,375 persons as of the 2010 United States Census. The city’s population in the 2016 census was approximately 258,386 persons.

Geography of Irvine in OC

Irvine borders the Lake Forest to the east, Costa Mesa to the west and Tustin to the north. It also borders the Newport Beach to the southwest and the Laguna Hills to the southeast. The major watercourse draining this city is the San Diego Creek. It flows toward the northwest and into the Upper Newport Bay.

Peters Canyon Wash is the largest tributary serving the San Diego Creek. Most parts of Irvine city are an expansive, flat valley between San Joaquin Hills in the south and the Loma Ridge in the north. Nevertheless, other parts display several plateaus, hills and canyons, particularly in the city’s extreme northern and southern parts.

Irvine CA Climate

As is the case in most regions of coastal Southern California, Irvine typically showcases the Mediterranean type of climate. Summers tend to be warm-to-hot, whereas winters cool-to-warm and hardly fall below freezing. Precipitation occurs mostly in the months of winter. Although snow does not exist, the city witnesses frost occasionally.

Economy of Irvine

Many companies, including the Blizzard Entertainment, have their headquarters in the city of Irvine, CA. The city houses several corporations like Toshiba Electronics that is located in the Newport Gateway Office block on MacArthur Boulevard. Irvine is rated as one of the best cities that suit start-up businesses. Its strong and fast-growing economy has positioned the Orange City, California, as one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States.

The city is also a favorite location for film projects. The city government offers a host of location information in addition to free or low-cost permits, which are suitable for prospective productions in the US and worldwide.
Parks and Recreation

The city highlights both community and neighborhood parks. Public facilities are located in every single community park in the city. Neighborhood parks in this city offer open space, along with some recreational amenities within the various villages of the city.

It is worth singling out the Northwood Community Park of Irvine, which recently incorporated a unique addition labeled: The Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial. This is absolutely the first memorial center in the United States ever created before the wars ended.

The supposed memorial center lists the names of the U.S military persons, who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is unique in the entire history of war monuments, and the list is updated every year.


As we speak, the city of Irvine is a multicultural nexus of business, education, innovation, outdoor recreation, preserved wild-lands, the arts as well as family-friendly communities. It is a fast-growing urban center with a population of more than 200,000 individuals. The quality of life is high in this city. In fact, the FBI has ranked the city of Irvine as one of the safest cities in America.

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